The journey of love, sharing your happiness contest
hanh trinh yeu thuong se chia hanh phuc


“Journey of love, sharing happiness

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 People often say happiness is very simple. So what is your definition of happiness? Each person will have their own happiness, maybe happiness is when …

When seeing a healthy parent

Is when there is a delicious meal with family

It is when you can enjoy playing with your children

Is when conquering career peaks

Is when immersed in passion

🏠 And countless other “happiness” we choose for our life. Everyone has a place to go, a family to love. However, each person will have many different acts of love. But in the end, the series of actions all share a common destination: affection for unconditional families.

🚌 Let’s board the “Journey of Love” by Healthcare Solution Condition and share your definition of “happiness” with the whole world!


🔸 Step 1: Capture the moment that makes you happiest For example: photos taken with parents, photos of the family next to the tray, photos taken at work, photos taken while doing passion, …

🔸Step 2: Post photos in the comment section with the syntax: “Happiness is when …” and a few words to share about how to cultivate your happiness.

🔸Step 3: Share this post on your wall with the hashtag #Hanhtrinhyeuthuong_sechiahanhphuc #HealthcareSolutionCondition #innoN

🔸Step 4: Replace the avatar with frames of Healthcare Solution Condition so that the Organizer can identify everyone when winning at this link:


🎉🎉 WINNER: 1  MACBOOK PRO 13 INCH 2019 128GB: 26.500.000 VNĐ

🎉🎉 RUNNER: 2 IPHONE 11 64GB: 17.000.000 VNĐ

🎉🎉 CONSOLATION PRIZES: 17 SET Condition Joint + 1 set Condition Liver + 1 set Condition Woman: 1.460.000 VNĐ/combo


– The results will be announced on fanpage on September 29

– The 20 most liked articles will win the prize

– The 3 articles with the highest likes of the 20 above articles will be voted by the organizers to show the winning results for the first and second prizes.


 TIME: 0:00- 27/9


– The content of the image must be owned by the participant

– Entries submitted after the deadline will not be counted

– In case the Organizer detects that the winning account is a virtual nick (dedicated account to play the winning game) or has signs of hacking like the contest, the Organizer will cancel the prize and give it back to another suitable contest. more suitable.

-In case the contest has the same number of likes, the organizer will select the contest with the earliest posting time to win the prize.

-The organizers are not responsible for the disputes related to the entries and have the right to disqualify the contested entries.

– The organizers have the right to use your exams to communicate for the contest “Journey of love, sharing happiness”.

#Hanhtrinhyeuthuong_sechiahanhphuc #HealthcareSolutionCondition #innoN

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